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4 Phase Variable Load

Product Name: 4 Phase Variable Load
Product Code: ECE-LAB-0013

4 Phase Variable Load Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

4 Phase Variable Load.

1.2 KVA, 234V, 50/60HZ
The equipment is stored in an enameled wheeled metal
container with control, regulation and measurement devices
fitted into the silk-screen printed aluminum front panel.
Electrical characteristics
• 3 Independent sectors composed by: 3 Single-phase
rheostats, 3 single-phase inductors and 3 single-phase
capacitors which can be independently regulated
• Network commutator (or generators) at 230 V or 400 V (*)
• Commutators to separate the three available sectors from the
internal connections, in order to carry out other experiments
• Ohmic sector power: variable from 0 to 900 W (3x300 W)
• Inductive sector power: variable from 0 to 900 VA (3x300 VA)
• Capacitive power sector: variable from 0 to 900 VA (3x300 VA)
• Electromagnetic general control board with key, differential
protection and fuses, emergency pushbutton
• Instruments for current and voltage measurements
• Safety terminals

Dimensions and weight: 850x550x950 mm – 99 kg
Supplied accessories
Auxiliary power supply cable with unel plug
Power supply cable with Ø 4 mm pins
Auxiliary line: 230 V / PE – 50-60 Hz; Power line: 230/400 V 50 Hz (*)
(*) Other power supply voltage/frequency is available upon request
Usage handbook

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