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Absorption refrigeration system

Product Name: Absorption refrigeration system
Product Code: MAE-LAB-0101

Absorption refrigeration system Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Absorption refrigeration system.
•    The Absorption Training unit will be used in familiarizing students with the principles of Refrigeration absorption system in use today. Typically absorption systems are used in applications that require lower power usage such as refrigeration in recreational vehicles.
•    Components are clearly laid out and mounted on to a mobile stand that incorporates a work surface.
•    A dual energy source should be provided which includes both electrical and an LPG source. The LPG source should include the burner and regulator.
•    For the electrical source, Absorption Training unit should feature a step down transformer to convert the mains AC into 12 VDC used to power the electric heater. The absorption circuit diagram is silk screened onto the trainer. A cabinet with temperature gauge monitors the cooling effect.
•    Components includes:  Self contained absorption system;  Refrigeration compartment with temperature meter; Silk screen refrigeration circuit diagram; LPG burner with pressure regulator; Electrical heater with 220 VAC transformers
            Instrument panel should include ON/OFF switch, voltmeter and amp meter.
            Supplied complete with training manual with exercises.

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