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Air-Operated Reaction Turbine

Product Name: Air-Operated Reaction Turbine
Product Code: NED0284

Air-Operated Reaction Turbine Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Air-Operated Reaction Turbine.
Air-Operated Reaction Turbine [1] Table unit for the investigation of a reaction turbine with air flow [2] 1 x w x h 900x370x750mm, approx. 35kg [3] Compressed air supply 3001tr/h [4] Max. turbine power output SOW at 40000rpm [5] Wheel diameter 50mm [6] Turbine loading using belt brake [7] Moment measurement using force sensor [8] Speed measurement with proximity switch [9] Display of speed, moment and temperature on digital displays [10] Display of the relevant pressures on dial instruments [11] 220V, ~50.Hz Technical Data Radial impulse turbine Max. power: 25 W at 30000 rpm Wheel diameter: 50mm   4 outlet nozzles, diameter of each 1.5mm Measuring ranges Temperature measurement -20... 1100°C Speed measurement 0...50000rprn Torque measurement (L.lONcm Flow rate measurement 25...315 ltr/min Inlet pressure measurement 0...2.5bar Outlet 1 pressure measurement 0...0.1bar, CAD/CAM LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS, educational cnc milling machines manufacturers, educational cnc LATHE machines manufacturers, Strength of Material Testing equipment supplier, mechanical engineering laboratory equipments suppliers, soil, bitumen, concrete testing, civil engineering laboratory equipments suppliers 

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