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Analogue Measurement Systems

Product Name: Analogue Measurement Systems
Product Code: ECE-LAB-0048

Analogue Measurement Systems Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Analogue Measurement Systems.
 is a system enabling the analysis of the antenna
characteristics, with the help of the measurement. It is a useful
instrument because, in particular, it enables the following:
• Testing the antennas theory,
• Analysis of the performances of the antenna under measurement,
• Immediate testing of the variation of the characteristics of an
antenna after constructional changes.
The system is composed of: RF transmitter, test antennas EUT
(Equipment Under Test), reference antenna, RF receiver, data acquistion unit and a set of accessories.
Besides, the system is provided with the theoretical-experimental
handbook necessary for understanding the system and its
components. NB: it requires an IBM-compatible PC with VGA
graphic card.
• Characteristics of antennas
- Single antennas and array antennas
- Radiation diagram
- Radiation solid
- Radiation field: electrical E, magnetic H
- Polarization planes and insulation between them
- Gain
- Opening angle
- Main and secondary lobes
- Forward/backward ratio
- Directivity
- Insertion loss
- Impedance matching between generator and antenna
• RF transmitter:
- Frequency band: L (1200-1800 MHz), controlled with PLL
- Output impedance: 50 Ohm
- Channeling step: 125 kHz
- Power: 10 mW maximum
- Band linearity: < +/-1 dB
- RF connector: SMB
• Directional coupler for measurement of the return loss
• Power divider/combiner: 2 ways for transmission array antennas
• Motorized support for transmission antenna:
- Rotation angle: 360°
- Position accuracy: 1°
- Rotation speed: 1 revolution every 6’
- Height: 1m
• Transmission antennas EUT type:
- Monopole
- Dipole
- Yagi
- Log-periodic
- Horn
- Array antenna with controlled phase
- Parasitic array antenna
• RF receiver + data acquisition unit:
- Frequency band: L (1200-1800 MHz), controlled by PLL
- Input impedance: 50 Ohm
- Compression level at 1dB: 5mW
- Band width: 6MHz
- Linearity: < +/-1dB
- Dynamic range: 70dB
- Data acquisition resolution: 8 bit
- RF connector: SMB
• Power divider/combiner: 4 ways for reference antenna
• Fixed stand for receiving antenna:
- Height: 1m
• Reference antenna: array antenna consisting in 4 log-periodic
• Interface card
• Cables for:
- Connection between the two supports and the interface
- Coaxial cables for connection to antennas and for antenna
• Power supply: 230 Vac (110 Vac upon request) – 50/60 Hz
• Theoretical-experimental handbooks
• Multimedia Educational Software

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