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Automatic Transmission Dismounting Training Platform

Product Name: Automatic Transmission Dismounting Training Platform
Product Code: AETS-0035

Automatic Transmission Dismounting Training Platform Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Automatic Transmission Dismounting Training Platform Automotive Training Equipment Manufacturer, Automotive Education Equipment, Automotive Training Tools.
Identification workbench automatic transmission assembly and
dismantling tools


n  Function Features

l  Applicable for professional automotive transmission disassembly
practical operation skills assessment of various types of institutions;

l  Know the assembly structure of automatic transmission;

l  Training on disassemble and assemble of automatic transmission
assembly, trainees can practice assembly disassembly and repair
operation on the workbench;

l  Meet the requirement of dismounting, commissioning, inspection on
whole process of automatic transmission assembly;

l  The platform is available for two students at same time.


n  Identification Content

l  Identification on disassembly and assembly of transmission

l  Identification on understanding the structure of the transmission

l  Identification on the actual installation location of each component part

l  Low speed rear derailleur assembly is completed, the transmission
line project identification each gear

l  Items recognized gearbox fault diagnosis and identification after

l  Identification transmission practical and theoretical examinations


n  Technique Features

l  Manual transmission models: TOYOTA A341E

l  Working environment temperature: -40℃~+50℃

l  Product specification: 1550 * 590 * 1300mm (L * W * H)

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