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Bacth Enzyme Reactor

Product Name: Bacth Enzyme Reactor
Product Code: Chemical Equipments0001

Bacth Enzyme Reactor Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Bacth Enzyme Reactor.

Bacth Enzyme Reactor range of small scale chemical reactors comprises four units which represent the most common types of chemical reactor found in industry.

This is a reactor system specially designed to perform batch enzyme reaction utilizing the glucose isomerisation reaction catalyze by glucose isomerase. The unit is used to demonstrate batch enzyme kinetics and enzyme characteristics. The fourth reactor - stirred tank reactor in series - is mounted on a dedicated unit. The reactors use the saponification reaction between ethyl acetate and sodium hydroxide. This provides a well understood and safe reaction for the students to investigate the different reactor types. Edutek have developed a set of algorithms which link the degree of conversions of the reactants to the electrical conductivity of the product. In this way the progress of the reaction can be monitored in real time, without the inconvenience and innaccuracy of titration methods. Features Small bench top equipment Real time reaction monitoring Data logging facility available Cost effective - 3 reactors share same service unit Safe and student friendly Four different types of reactor

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