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Balance dial-O-gram

Product Name: Balance dial-O-gram
Product Code: NLE-Export-202584

Balance dial-O-gram Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Balance dial-O gram.
Balance dial-O-gram Stand type , with a tray and two sticks of Bertangkup scales with weights to indicate the type of slide reading . A vernier dial type spring , tray made of stainless steel diameter 90 mm , plate hangers matched and indexed to the scale . The platform is installed to support the beaker on steel plate . Weighing up to 310 g .sensitivity to 0:01 g . Stem scales 0-200 gx 100 g , 0-100 gx 10 g . Dial and vernier 0-10 g g x 0:01, CAD/CAM LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS, educational cnc milling machines manufacturers, educational cnc LATHE machines manufacturers, Strength of Material Testing equipment supplier, mechanical engineering laboratory equipments suppliers, soil, bitumen, concrete testing, civil engineering laboratory equipments suppliers

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