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Base Band Transmission Techniques & DSP and Software

Product Name: Base Band Transmission Techniques & DSP and Software
Product Code: ECE-LAB-0059

Base Band Transmission Techniques & DSP and Software Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Base Band Transmission Techniques & DSP  and Software.
 enables the theoretical study, with the help
of the exercises, of base band transmissions techniques.
It is a digital communication system complete with all the
transmission and reception sections.
The student will be provided with a graphic display, for the
spectral analysis of the signals available in the main sections
composing base band communication. This gives the student
the possibility to understand the importance of the spectrum
modeling carried out by the coding, to enable transmission
according to the capacity of the available channel.
Besides, it is possible to carry out trouble-shooting operations
• Discreet input source
• Channel coding (error control)
• Line coding and importance of pre-coding
• Transmission and reception filter (spectrum modeling)
• Effects of the transmission line characteristic
• Intersymbol interference
• Eye diagram
• Data extraction
• Synchronism recovery
• Sampling of received signaling pulses
• Error rate calculation
• Fourier spectrum analysis of the signals in the main points of
the transmission and reception process, to observe the
characterization and the modifications of the same spectrum
• Trouble-shooting
• Inner generator of known sequence
• Channel coder and decoder with cyclic redundancy code
• Line coder and decoder with sections of:
- Precoding: differential, scrambling, 3B-4B
- Coding: NRZ, RZ, CMI, HDB3, Manchester, MLT-3,
2B-1Q, two-binary
• Transmission and reception filter with characteristics as
function of the chosen coding
• Transmission line simulator with:
- Variable band width
- Variable attenuation
- Noise generator with adjustable amplitude
• Timing circuits, numerical processing and filtering, carried out
with FPGA and DSP
• Error rate meter
• Spectrum display:
- Graphical display
- Liquid Crystal Display with back illumination and high
- Cold cathode fluorescent tube
- 160x128 dot pixels
- Dot size 0.54 mm
• 10 insertable faults
• Power supply: ±12 Vdc
• Dimensions: 386x248x40 mm
• Theoretical-experimental handbooks
• Spectrum display
• Cables as necessary

• Multimedia Educational Software

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