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Basic Antenna Trainer

Product Name: Basic Antenna Trainer
Product Code: NTE-11-12-0167

Basic Antenna Trainer Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Basic Antenna Trainer.
The Antenna Training System has been specially designed for the Engineering Colleges and Training Institutes. This Training system is very useful for the students of all levels. It is very useful for verification of the principles of various Antennas used in communication system. It is designed to provide useful tool for experimentation and teaching of various commonly used Antennas. This trainer is self contained and easy to operate. The Trainer consists On board RF Generator, Tone generator, Directional Coupler, Matching Stubs, Forward/Reverse meter and Goniometer. The Antenna Trainer is very useful in the measurement of Forward/Reverse power and VSWR. The functional block diagram of Antenna system describes the function of each block. A fully documentation containing workbook with operating manual helps the students to carry on experiments.
• Stand alone system
• Different types of Antenna
• Selectable Transmitter and Receiver frequency range
• Microcontroller based high precision stepper motor to
rotate antenna in steps( optional)
• RS 232 interfacing with PC(Optional)
• Instant plotting of radiation pattern through powerful
unique software (optional)
• Built-In power supply 220V ±10%, 50Hz 3VA approx
• Polar plots and Polarization.
• Wave modulation & Demodulation
• Antenna radiation with distance.
• Antenna matching.
• Antenna gain
• Antenna beam width.
• Element current study.
• Front back ratio study.
• RF Generator : 750-800 MHz (approx.) with adjustable output
• Tone Generator : 1 KHz (approx.) with adjustable output
• Directional Coupler : Forward & Reverse (Selectable)
• Antenna Resolution : 1.5 degree
• Antenna Rotation : 0-360 degree
• Matching Stub : Slider type
• Receiving Antenna : Folded Dipole with Reflector
• Detector Display : Level adjustable meter
• Interconnections : 2/4 mm Banana Sockets
• Dipole ï¬/2
• Folded Dipole ï¬/2

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