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Bottle Filling Machines

Product Name: Bottle Filling Machines
Product Code: NLE-MechatronicsLab-187003

Bottle Filling Machines Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Bottle Filling Machines.
Features :

Closed loop, Compact, comprehensive, sturdy design.â–ª Complete instrumentation for experimentation of Process control using PID Controller & PC based controlâ–ª Direct readings of Process variables possible.â–ª Standard Industrial grade components used in trainer.

Description :

IE-15 demonstrates a complete range of process control methods and strategies, including manual control. The system consists of the Filtering, Mixing, Reactor and Bottling stations. The filtering station filters a fluid. The filtrate is pumped out of the tank via different process valves through the filter into the second tank. The filtered fluid is added to the first tank in the mixing station. The mixing station mixes different recipes from three storage tanks. The finished mixture is be pumped to the reactor station. The reactor station regulates the temperature profiles, with different mixing times, are run depending on the selected recipe. The filling station then bottles the fluid. The bottles are be carried on conveyor belts to the filling position. A pneumatic separator marshals the bottles. The bottles are filled with different quantities from the dosing tank, depending on the selected recipe and.The unit comprises of Feed system with pump, heating unit, Tank filling is controlled by Two-way solenoid valve. The trainer includes an advanced Windows based software package, which implements the control functions. The software displays a real-time process values on a process diagram, and includes PID control algorithms, with user control of PID tuning parameters. Other exercises such as alarm generation, alarm acknowledgement, report generation etc can also be studied.Self-explanatory operating & maintenance manual is supplied with the trainer that includes Theory, operating procedure and maintenance procedures

Specification :

• Each station shall be controlled using PC and PLC:
• PC measurement and control of the system via a serial computer interface accessible via Profinet
• CPU S7-314C-2 PN/DP or similar
• Power supply unit
• incl. one USB-MPI adapter and 512 KB micro memory card and a wireless LAN-network
• HMI - Color touch panel built into console housing, with connecting cable and application to each station.
• The process shall start in the PLC or monitor them with the touch panel. The control task shall be handled by the PLC. The controller parameters shall then be set on the touch panel. All process variables shall be displayed in user friendly way – including trend graphs – on the touch panel.
• Deliverability:
• A workbook and CD-ROM with the worksheets and the solutions. The topics on the workbook and CD-ROM include exercises and solutions for: Filtering Mixing Reactor Bottling
• Replacement filter cartridge x5
• Power supply unit
• Trolley
• Mounting frame
• Tool set
• Technical documentation of the trainer and installation, operational, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting manuals included.
• Interfacing means to computers as tools for programming and simulation

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