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Cardiac Monitor (SSM Cardiotrace)

Cardiac Monitor (SSM Cardiotrace)
Product Name: Cardiac Monitor (SSM Cardiotrace)
Product Code: NLE-Export-165001

Cardiac Monitor (SSM Cardiotrace) Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Cardiac Monitor (SSM Cardiotrace).
Features: Cardiotrace is aportable CRT based Two Trace ECG monitor. It is self contained unit for continuous ECG monitoring and display of Heart Rate. Cardiotrace uses press button switch on the front panel ensuring trouble free operation. Cardiotrace display 4 second of ECG on top channel and another 4 secs on the bottom channel. Cardiotrace totally isolates the patient from the mains using special optical isolation technique. Specially designed for Indian conditions (heart, humidity, voltage fluctuation) rugged, continuously operatable & user friendly. Second channel can be frozen of the detailed analysis. (It freezes automatically in the event of alarm violation). Bright 7 segment LED of 14 x 8 mm display for heart. Rate which can be easily read from a distance also. Adjustable alarm limits 0-250, (hi and low limit) stop and run facility for detailed analysis. Cal for 1 mv pulse calibration. Lead selector for selecting lead I, lead II lead III. Defib protection. QRS indication. The speed of the ECG waveform can be selected 25mm per second or 50mm per second. 8 second ECG display. Central Monitoring System for SSM Cardiotrace Can be used in ICU, ICCU, AMC & Post operative ward. Eight Bedside monitors can be interfaced. User can change the 16 ECG colours & back ground colours. 24 Hours heart rate trend. User friendly through on screen help menu. 30 sec real time ECG for the detailed analysis. Individual HR alarm limit setting for each & every bed. Individual speed control for bedside ECG waveform. Date, Time, Patient Name, Age, Alarm Low Limit, Alarm Hi Limit Display. Optional :Printer, Computer (Latest Config)

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