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Central air conditioning automation control

Product Name: Central air conditioning automation control
Product Code: MAE-LAB-0104

Central air conditioning automation control Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Central air conditioning automation control.
•    This trainer enables the student to practice and enhance his understanding of automation control in central air conditioning system.
•    The trainer includes a DDC controller that is widely used in air conditioning monitoring and control as well as in Building Management System. The Input terminals of the DDC controller are connected to analog/digital signal sources to simulates various sensor signals and the DDC output terminals are connected to a set of analog meters and indicator lights to monitor the DDC analog/digital outputs.
•    Unit also comes complete with fault simulator control that can input up to 15 faults into the system.
•    A simulation of chiller unit, AHU, air duct with branches, VAV simulation and room control thermostats are provided to resemble real central air conditioning control system.
•    The trainer components are mounted on the vertical panel along with a graphic representation of the system, which includes test points for taking measurements. When the unit is in the normal operation mode the student can take amperage, voltage and resistance measurements using the multipurpose multimeter to establish proper operational characteristics.
              Faults can then be introduced and the student can analyze the problem and diagnose the fault
•    DDC Controller with digital and analog Inputs and Outputs ( Preloaded with programmable software)
•    Chiller simulator : Compressor On/Off control, overload protection, water pump and control, high/low pressure control, thermostat control.
•    AHU simulator: Centrifugal fan and speed control, air flow and temperature monitoring, AHU filter condition monitoring, fire alarm control and fresh air mixing control.
•    Air duct simulator: Air flow and temperature monitoring at duct outlets.
•    VAV simulator: air pressure measurement and VAV actuator position indicator.
•    Room temperature control: room thermostat simulators and temperature sensors.
•    Fault Simulator with 15 Faults.
•    Analog meters and Indicator lights for observation of DDC outputs status.
•    The trainer is built around a special powder coated steel bench top frame that incorporates a demonstration board onto which the components are mounted
Supplied complete with training manual with exercises

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