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Commercial refrigeration trainer with faults system

Product Name: Commercial refrigeration trainer with faults system
Product Code: MAE-LAB-0103

Commercial refrigeration trainer with faults system Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Commercial refrigeration trainer with faults system.
•    The trainer should be for comprehensive and advanced work studies involving industrial and commercial refrigeration systems.
•    The trainer should enable in-depth studies and demonstrates the principles of commercial refrigerators, freezes and cold rooms. The system should be able to simulate refrigeration systems that use multiple evaporators, evaporator pressure regulator, solenoid valves and heat exchanger including single evaporator types.
•    The trainer should be build around a special work bench that incorporates a demonstration board onto which the components are mounted.
•    Components should be neatly laid out in a manner similar to the refrigeration circuit so as to be easy to understood.
•    The refrigeration circuit should be displayed on a colorful printed diagram.
•    Refrigeration lines should be color coded to indicate the state of the refrigerant.
•    Components includes: Hermetic compressor, forced air condenser, 2 forced air evaporators, liquid receiver drier, liquid in-line filter dryer, accumulator with heat exchanger, 3 solenoid valves, evaporator pressure regulator, 6 pressure gauges, 2 thermal expansion valves (TXV), automatic thermal expansion valve (AXV), 2 capillary tube expansion devices, 7 sight glasses, low and high pressure switches, starter control, 18 manual shut-off valves for mechanical faults and isolating parts, 2 insulated compartment cabinets with 2 thermostat controls and 2 units of 0-750W variable electric heater (heat load), digital display temperature meter with 8 points temperature reading.
•    Control panel with On/Off switch, volt meter, ampere meter and circuit breaker
•    Power requirement : 220VAC-230VAC, 50/60Hz
Supplied complete with training manual with exercises

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