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Crackness Tester For Testing Lab

Product Name: Crackness Tester For Testing Lab
Product Code: NLE-Export-610001

Crackness Tester For Testing Lab Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Crackness Tester For Testing Lab Workshop.
Crackness Tester - For Testing Lab The resistance to cracking of the grain of a leather sample and its crack index are determined by taking a rectangular strip from the sample of leather under test and bending it around a cylindrical mandrel while maintaining the two in close contact. The test specimen is successively bent over mandrels of diminishing diameters to produce successively higher degree of extension in its outer grains till cracks start appearing on its outer surface. The diameter of mandrel over which the crack is first observed gives the measure of the resistance to cracking and crack index of the sample under test. The Crackness Tester consists of an arrangement to hold the test specimen at one of its ends, a roller to bend it over the mandrel while keeping it pressed against it, a lever pivoted at the axis of the mandrels, and a set of mandrels of specified diameters with an arrangement to fix them over a fixed pin civil lab equipments manufacturers

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