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Product Name: DATALOGGER
Product Code: DATA ACQUISITION0001

DATALOGGER Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

DATALOGGER Datalogger has been designed to gather data.
simply and quickly from laboratory tests.
It can be used in stand-alone mode, with quantities shown on
the graphic display and commands set by a joystick.
It can also be used in direct connection with a PC, via USB, to
gather and process data (in digital and graphic form) via the

software Workspace.
The Basic Unit includes the sensors most frequently used in
the experiments (voltage, current, electric power, temperature,
luminosity, magnetic fi eld and pressure), but it can be extended
via the external connection of Sensors.
It is supplied with a 2 MB internal RAM memory for storing the
acquired quantities.
It includes high-resolution converters (12 bit) to ensure the
highest accuracy in measurements.
• It can be powered by an external USB power supply (5 Vdc - 500 mA)
• It can be powered via USB when connected with a PC
• USB Full Speed interface (12 Mbps) 2.0
• Serial interface RS-232
• Graphic Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD): 128 x 64 pixels
• 5-keys Joystick
• Sensors included: voltage, current, temperature, luminosity,
magnetic fi eld, absolute pressure of gases
• Number of analog inputs for internal sensors: 4
• Number of analog inputs for external sensors: 4
• Number of digital inputs: 3
• Number of analog outputs: 2
• Internal signal generator
• Automatic recognition of connected sensors
• Max. sampling frequency per channel: 1 MHz
• Conversion resolution: 12 bit

• RAM: 2 MB
Dimensions: 158 x 93 x 30 mm
Voltage sensor:
• Range: -50 to +50 V
• DC and AC measurements
• Resolution: 16 bit
Current sensor:
• Range: –2 to +2 A
• DC and AC measurements
• Resolution: 16 bit
(Derived) Electric power:
• DC power
• Active, reactive and apparent AC power
• AC power factor and Frequency
Temperature sensor:
• Range: –50 to +150°C
• Accuracy: ±0,1°C
• Resolution: 12 bit
Luminosity sensor:
• Range: 0 to 150 klx
• Spectrum: visible light
• Resolution: 12 bit
Magnetic field sensor:
• Range: ±6,4mT
• Hall effect sensor

Absolute pressure of gases sensor:
• Range: 0 to 200 kPa
• MEMS sensor
• Resolution: 12 bit
Signal generator:
• 2 programmable voltage outputs for the signals generation
• Output voltage range: ±5 Vdc
• Continuous, sinusoidal, square wave, triangle wave signal
• Converters resolution D/A: 12 bit

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