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Diesel Engine Fuel Supply System Teaching Board

Product Name: Diesel Engine Fuel Supply System Teaching Board
Product Code: AETS-0064

Diesel Engine Fuel Supply System Teaching Board Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Diesel Engine Fuel Supply System Teaching Board Automotive Training Equipment Manufacturer, Automotive Education Equipment, Automotive Training Tools.
The teaching board adopt diesel fuel supply physical system. All
components adopt original parts, QC strictly testified, in accordance
with Production Quality Management standard of ISO9001:2008, suit for
automotive diesel fuel supply system principle and practical training in
the medium and senior vocational schools and car training institutions,
satisfy the requirement of teaching training project on the diesel fuel
supply system structure, working principle etc.


â–  Basic Configuration

â— Original line pump diesel engine fuel supply system components,
high-pressure pump, injectors, fuel pumps, motors, sensors, detection
terminal, circuit schematics, control panel, mobile bench, battery,
power distribution box,own-made tank, plexiglass, computer engraving
colorful principle panel, instruction manual and user guide book etc.


â–  Features

â— Teach board can demonstrate Diesel fuel supply system structure and

â— Teach board equipped with oil pressure gauge to display high pressure
pipe, low pressure pipe, return pipe pressure.

â— Teach board can dynamic display the whole process of diesel injection
with the help of transparent glass tube.

â— Teach color can demonstrate high-pressure pump speed mechanical
adjustment control.

â— Teach board installed with short-circuit poweroff protection system to
keep safe.

â— Equipped with colorful fuel supply system schematics and detection
terminal to strengthen student’s hand-on ability.

â— Teach board can setup fault and assessment (please refer to the
detailed fault setting and assessment system introduction)


â–  Training Content

â— Fuel supply system sctructure and composition training

â— Fuel supply system schematics analysis trainging

â— Fuel supply system troubleshooting and confirm training

â— Fuel supply system fault setting and exclusion training

â— Fuel supply system High pressure pump speed mechanical controltraining

â— Fuel supply system practical operation and theoretical exam training


â–  Technique Features

â— Input power: AC 220V±10%50Hz 380V±10% 50Hz

â— Working power supply: DC12V

â— Single phase induction motor

â— Model: Y100L

â— Voltage: 220V/380V 50HZ AC

â— Power: 2.2KW

â— Fuel tank capacity: 12L

â— Speed: 1000r/min

◠Working environment temperature: -40℃~+50℃

â— Product specification: 1500 × 850 × 1850mm (length × width × height)

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