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Product Code: NEE1044

DIGITAL APPLICATION TRAINER Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

DIGITAL APPLICATION TRAINER This digital application modules trainer should be designed to provide further and more extensive studies about some important digital circuits DIGITAL APPLICATION TRAINER, ELECTRIC ELECTONICS LAB.

The trainer should offers wide range of most common digital application circuits that are used in digital electronics. The trainer should consists of a number individual modules that could be used with the Digital Trainer Base Station. During the exercises, the student could make essential connections by using 2 mm stackable connection leads. In this way the student is able to construct and to complete the circuit in each of the practical exercises and students could take various electronic instrument measurements in order to understand and to study the circuit electrical characteristics and behavior.

Modules & Courseware:

A comprehensive experiment manual should be provided to guide the students in studying the various application modules. This manual should include step-by-step instruction to prepare the modules for the experiment as well as some theory to strengthen the student’s knowledge in areas that is important as a background which is needed before doing the experiment.

The application trainer should consist of the following modules and courseware respectively.



a. Arithmetic Logic Unit                       

The module should be able to perform AND, OR, Add, Subtract and perform binary operations. Uses 74181 IC that could be programmed which also use 7476 IC as data selector for the operations.


b. Encoder & Decoder Application    

The module translates the 10 inputs generated form the switches to be inverted to BCD forms by the Encoder. The decoder then should be able to translate from BCD to 7 segment code which lights the proper segment on the output display.


c. Data Transmission and Digital Switching Network System.            

The module could be use for sending and receiving serial data and are called multiplexers. It converts parallel digital data into serial then back to parallel.


d. Frequency to Voltage and Voltage to Frequency Converter.            

The module should be a monolithic circuit designed for accuracy and versatility. It converts Voltage to Frequency or Frequency to Voltage.


e. Analog to Digital Converter and Digital to Analog Converter            

The module should converts analog voltage into an equivalent digital signal and vice versa.

The experiments that should be able to be facilitated by the modules are:

·         Weighed Resistance Ladder Network Converter.

·         R-2R Ladder Network Converter.

·         Fast 8-bit DAC.

·         Fast 8-bit ADC.


f. Breadboard Module      

The module should be able to be installed on the digital trainer base station. The module could be used for particular digital circuits or prototyping on some sections of the more complex digital circuits during practical applications or tests.

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