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Digital Electronic Revolution Counter

Product Name: Digital Electronic Revolution Counter
Product Code: ECE-LAB-0022

Digital Electronic Revolution Counter Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Digital Electronic Revolution Counter.
50/60 HZ 3Ø, 3000VA
Tabletop metal container with silk screen-printed aluminum
front panel on which the measurement instruments are
mounted, with graphical representation of the insertion
Electrical characteristics
• 1 4-Digit tachometer
Tange: 10V/5000 rpm – resolution: 1rpm; to be connected to
a tacho-generator, not included ; rotation direction indication included
• 1 3 1/2-Digit torque meter
Range: 20 Nm – resolution: 0.01 Nm
Switch kg/Nm including load cell 30 kg max.
• 1 4-Digit mechanical power indicator
Range: 10000 W – resolution: 1W
• 3 Analog outputs 0-5 Vdc for XY recorder
• Safety educational terminals

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