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Digital Modulation

Product Name: Digital Modulation
Product Code: ECE-LAB-0058

Digital Modulation Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Digital Modulation.
Experiment board for the study of digital modulation transmitters
and receivers: ASK (Amplitude Shift Keying), FSK (Frequency
Shift Keying), PSK (Phase Shift Keying), QPSK (Quadrature Phase
Shift Keying) and QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation). It
contains all the pre-assembled electronic components needed
to construct the experiment circuits and divided into functional
blocks which can be interconnected and modifi ed by means of
supplied jumpers and connection cables.
• ASK-FSK-PSK-QPSK-QAM signal generation
• Absolute and differential PSK and QPSK
• Data signal coding: NRZ, Manchester, Dibit, Tribit
• ASK-FSK-PSK-QPSK-QAM signal demodulation
• Asynchronous and synchronous demodulation
• Carrier recovery: PLL and with Costas Loop circuit
• Examination of the constellation diagrams of PSK,
QPSK and QAM signals
• Error rate measurement (BER)
• Creation of modems for data transfer
• Data transfer via RS232C serial port
• Effects of the transmission channel and noise
• Troubleshooting
• Data rate: 300/600/1200/1800 bit/s
• Data format: synchronous and asynchronous
• Data interface: TTL and V24/RS232C
• Data patterns:
- Programmable 24-bit
- Pseudo-random 64-bit
- External data
• Data coders: Manchester; 1-bit differential; Dibit; Tribit;
2-bit differential
• Sine carriers: 1200Hz, 0/90°; 1800 Hz
• Analogue signals synchronous with digital signals,
for easier wave form examination
• Error rate meter with numerical digital display
• Interface for constellation diagram
• Channel simulator: adjustable attenuation
Noise generator: adjustable amplitude
• Rapid modifi cations to circuits using jumpers
• Fault simulation: Possibility to insert 10 faults
• Test and interconnection points, Ø 2 mm
• Rapid modifi cations to circuits using jumpers
• 37-pin connector to the fault insertion unit
• 8-wire connector to the power supply unit
• Printed circuit board with protective treatment and mimic
• Module equipped with ABS protection on its lower side

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