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Product Code: DATA ACQUISITION0003

DISTANCE SENSOR Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

DISTANCE SENSOR This position sensor applies the principle of sonar and sends.

some ultrasound pulses; the system will calculate position,
speed and acceleration of the objects reflecting the sound
pulse, from the time spent by echo in coming back. Charts of various types of motion, study of collisions, simple
and damped harmonic motion; conservation of mechanical

energy, momentum conservation, ratio between momentum
and pulse.
The motion sensor emits a 40-kHz pulse package and waits for
echo package reflected by the object whose position must be
measured. The time spent between the emitted package and
the received echo, determines the distance of the object from
the sensor.
• 40-kHz ultrasound sensor
• Minimum detection distance: 2 cm
• Maximum detection distance: 200 cm
• Measurement resolution: 0.1 cm
• Interface : digital

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