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Distributing station

Product Name: Distributing station
Product Code: MAE-LAB-0010

Distributing station Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Distributing station.
(llustration includes additional equipment and accessories which are not part  the main product)
The Distributing station separates work pieces. Up to eight work pieces are stored in the magazine tube of the stacking magazine. A double-acting cylinder pushes the work pieces out one at a time. The Changer module grips the separated work piece via a suction gripper. The swivel arm of the changer, which is driven by a rotary actuator, moves the work piece to the transfer point of the downstream station.
•    Operating pressure 600 kPa (6 bar)
•    Power supply 24 V DC
•    7 digital inputs
•    5 digital outputs
•    Gravity-fed magazine module with transparent storage tube (length 213 mm/inside diameter 41 mm) for up to eight work pieces with a diameter of 40 mm, one double-acting cylinder (stroke 80 mm, diameter 8 mm) to DIN ISO 6432, two magneto-inductive limit switches for position sensing, one fibre optic light barrier / transmitter and receiver via fibre optic cable for work piece sensing
•    Swivel arm module with double-acting swivel cylinder, adjustable 180° from 90° to 270°, two electro-mechanical sensors for position sensing and vacuum gripper with ejector pulse for movement in parallel, torque 2 Nm at 6 bar
•    Valve terminal module for actuation of the pneumatic actuators with 10 mm inserts, comprising vacuum generator (Venturi principle) with ejector pulse, 3/2-way valve (normally open) and 5/2-way valve with pilot control
•    One-piece aluminium profile plate (350 x 700 mm) with 50 mm slot width, slots on both sides
•    Vacuum sensor operating pressure 0 to – 1 bar
•    Electro-mechanical sensors for position sensing
•    Magneto-inductive sensors for position sensing
•    Fibre optic light barrier / transmitter and receiver via fibre optic cable
•    Service unit with filter and pressure regulator
•    Infrared receiver for a release message sent by a following station equipped with an infrared transmitter
•    Terminal block with eight outputs, eight inputs and connection for 24 V DC. Amalgamates all digital signals and forwards these for connection to a controller via an compatible plug connection. The signal states are shown via LED displays for ease of troubleshooting
•    Manual and CD-ROM
•    The station can be operated individually or combined with at least four further stations by simply pushing them together.

All equipment is mounted on an Aluminium Plate
•    Height: 32 mm
•    Grid spacing (from slot to slot): 50 mm
•    Width: 350 mm
•    Length: 700 mm

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