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Electro Hydraulic Trainer

Product Name: Electro Hydraulic Trainer
Product Code: NLE-Export-125043

Electro Hydraulic Trainer Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Electro Hydraulic Trainer.

Electro Hydraulic Trainer.

Key Features:

Self combined mobile unit

All the components are easily accessible

Real life components of reputed manufacturers provided

Quick connections possible due to special fittings/pipes

Tried and tested components and circuits

PLC with MODBUS communication

PLC with software with help file

Specially designed control panel enabling students to develop their own circuits

Modular design with facilities to operate simple mechanisms

Pneumatically operated models available as additional supply

Training of Trainers offered at regular intervals

Two years performance guarantee for any manufacturing defect

List of Experiments:

1. Fundamentals of Pressure Limitation & Study of Pressure and Force
2. Fundamentals of Flow Rate and Velocity, Work and Power
3. Introduction of control valves
4. Study of pressure built up in hydraulic system
5. Operation of Single Acting Cylinder
6. Operation of double acting cylinder
7. Control of double acting cylinder with 4/3 way DCV
8. Speed control of double acting cylinder
9. Meter-in speed control circuit
10. Meter-out speed control circuit
11. Study of sequence valve
12. Sequencing of two cylinders
13. Bleed-Off speed control unit
14. Hydraulic motor operation
15. Sequencing of Hydraulic Cylinder & Motor
16. Speed Regulation and Braking of Hydraulic Motors
17. Control of double acting cylinder with 4/2 way DCV
18. Regenerative Circuit
19. Two Cylinders in Series
20. Two Cylinders in Parallel
21. Study of pressure reducing valve
22. Study of Pilot Operated Check Valve
23. Study of pressure switch and its pressure settings
24. Introduction of Pressure Switch
25. Basic Electricity Principles & Study of Electrically Controlled Hydraulic System
26. Introduction to Inductive Proximity sensors, capacitive sensors, photo-electric sensors
27. Operation of Double acting cylinder with 4/3 solenoid operated DCV
28. Automatic return of Double Acting cylinder
29.Operation of Double acting cylinder using inching operation
30.Sequencing two cylinder using limit switches
31. Rapid traverse and feed control circuit
32. Study of timer with Timer ON and Timer OFF function
33. Study of counter balance valve with Double Pilot Check Valve
34. Time-Delay Control of Hydraulic Actuators
35. Counting of Hydraulic Actuator Cycles
36. Introduction Programmable Logic Controller Review
37. Timer Instructions in PLC
38. Counter Instructions in PLC
39. Latching and Comparison Instructions in PLC
40. PLC-Controlled Clamp and Work System
41. Controlling Number of Rotations of Hydraulic Motor with PLC
42. Designing a PLC-Controlled Punching Press
43. Designing a PLC-Controlled Two Cylinder Sequences A+, A- , B+ ,B-
44. Designing a PLC-Controlled Two Cylinder Sequences A+, B+ , (A-B-)
45. Introducing Time Delay A+100mm, Delay4sec, B+, Delay 1 sec, A- , B-

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