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Electronical Controlled Engine Training Set(with transmission)

Product Name: Electronical Controlled Engine Training Set(with transmission)
Product Code: AETS-0088

Electronical Controlled Engine Training Set(with transmission) Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Electronical Controlled Engine Training Set(with transmission) Automotive Training Equipment Manufacturer, Automotive Education Equipment, Automotive Training Tools.
Engine assembly, Automatic transmission assembly,engine control unit,
engine circuit plug, combination instrument , training panel, diagnostic
block,tank assembly, up and down pipe, Kettle, thermostat switch,
cooling fan assembly and bracket, pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, ignition
switch, battery, starter,generator, fuel pump assembly, fuel filter, air
filter, Ignition key with a chip, anti-theft control unit, anti-theft
Identification coil, intake and exhaust manifolds, catalytic assembly,
oil tank, movable bench and mobile casters, general power switch, relay
and fuse box,instruction manual and user training guide etc.


■ Features

● Demonstrate the engine and auto transmission work,run
smoothly,actually refelect the EFI gasoline engine and auto transmission
structure and working principle

● Demonstrate engine oil pressure, vacuum pressure, oil pressure normal
operating pressure

● Equipped with digit display meter to display the related sensor
working static value and dynamic value.

● Training sets are equipped with electronic engine control system
schematics and detection terminal, through a variety of professional
instruments to detect the signal parameters of sensors, actuators etc.
such as voltage, resistance, frequency etc.

● Equipped with diagnostic blocks can be connected to a dedicated or
general-auto decoders, to complete reading fault codes of engine
electronic control system, clearing fault codes, reading data stream,
matching adjustment, programming, testing, testing terminal components
etc engine diagnostic function.

● Fault setting and assessment system (please refer to the detailed
function introduction of fault setting and assessment)

● Rotate position of training sets are equipped with safety shields to
keep safe.

● Training sets equip with gasoline extinguisher and short circuit
self-protection device

● With locking casters for mobile devices, easy to move for teaching


■ Training Content

● Engine sctructure and composition training

● Engine component setup position training

● Engine sensor voltage,resistence, signal testing training

● Engine fuel pressure, Vacuum pressure, oil pressure training

● Engine Schematics analysis trainging

● Engine control unit fault code reading,fault code eliminate,data flow
reading, Anti-theft matching adjustment,programming, terminal component
testing training

● Engine troubleshooting and confirm training

● Engine fault setting and exclusion training

● Engine practical operation and theoretical exam training


■ Technical Parameters

● Engine Model: Volkswagen AWL

● Engine Location: Front

● Engine type: 1.8-liter turbocharged engine (AWL)

● Number of cylinders: 4

● Displacement: 1.781L

● Emission standard: Euro 2

● Fuel type: unleaded gasoline 90

● Compression ratio: 9.3: 1

● Maximum torque: 210 / 1750-4600N.m

● Maximum speed: 5700rpm

● Input voltage: AC 220V

● Power supply: DC 12V

● Battery capacity: 60HA

● Fuel tank capacity: 12L

● The fuel grade: 93 #

● Operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~+ 50 ℃

● Dimensions: 1600 × 850 × 1800mm (length × width × height)

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