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FET Characteristic Trainer

Product Name: FET Characteristic Trainer
Product Code: NTE-11-12-0067

FET Characteristic Trainer Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

FET Characteristic Trainer.
Base unit
High level, high quality digital-analog trainer
Includes Two Digital Meters one for 20V Voltmeter and other for 200mA Ammeter
Combines all essential functions of analog and
digital experiment with removable breadboard,
Includes DC power supply function generator, two pulse switches, 8 ohm 0.25W speaker etc.
Interconnected with tie points Nickel plated contact, fitted with all DIP sizes and all components with lead and solid wire. It can be changed and replaced for different purposes and can be connected with demonstration panel. Therefore, it is very convenient for both teachers and students
DC power supply
Fixed DC Output    : ±5V, ±12V @ 500Ma
Variable DC Output    : Dual 0~30V, 0~ -30V @ 500mA
AC power supply    : 0~5~0 VAC,12~0~12VAC
Potentiometers:    :1Kohm,10Kohm
Function generator    
Frequency range    : 1Hz ~ 10Hz
    : 10Hz ~ 100Hz
    : 100Hz ~ 1KHz
    : 1 KHz ~ 10 KHz
    : 10 KHz ~ 100 KHz
Sine wave output    : 0 ~ 6 Vpp variable @ 1Hz~100Hz in 5 steps
Triangle wave output    : 0 ~ 6 Vpp variable @ 1Hz~ 300KHz in 5 steps
Square wave output    : 0 ~ 5 Vpp variable @ 1Hz~400KHz in 5 steps
TTL mode output    : 5V@1Hz~1MHz in 5 steps

Two digits of 7 segment LED display

One pulse switch
Push buttons to generate inverting and non inverting pulses supported with de-bounce elimination

Data switches
Toggle switches and corresponding output point. When switch is set at “Down” position, the output is LOW level, contrarily it is to be 'High' level while setting at “Up” position

8ohm/0.5W to be used for load

Four channel adaptor
The two banana sockets and BNC jacks suitable for the trainer to be connected with peripherals

Sixteen bit LED display
Red LEDs separate input terminals. The LED will be lighted up when input is at “High level ”and it will be turned OFF when it is at “No Input” or at “Low level”
Packing list
•    Instruction manual hard copy and Soft Copy In CD.
•    Power supply mains 3 pin cord
•    Patch cords
Topics of Experiments :
1.    Hartley oscillator
2.    Colpitts oscillator
3.    Ujt relaxation oscillator

4.    JFET characteristics
5.    MOSFET characteristics  
6.    Load lines ac transistor response study
7.    UJT characteristics
8.    Thermistor characteritcs
9.    LDR characteristics
10.    Fiber optics light transfer
11.    Dc amplifier
12.    Fet amplifier
13.    Mosfet mixer

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