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Fiber Optic Head Light

Product Name: Fiber Optic Head Light
Product Code: NLE-Export-024005

Fiber Optic Head Light Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Fiber Optic Head Light is adjustable and comfortable head light..

It is incorporated with cushion that makes the the patient feel comfortable with the device. It is very durable and accurate in spot selection of the eye.    

Light Source     Available with single/double outlet   The front cable adaptor is suitable for CARL STORZ cable fitting   For other makes adaptor is available separately (on request)   Brilliant halogen illumination 24V-250W   Compact and light weight instrument   

In built heat filter with extra white light with twin cooling fan inside     

Head Light  Durable, comfortable head band fully adjustable   Progressive IRISH diaphragm for spot selection   Bright white light through front coated mirror without temperature increase  

Fiber Optic Cable  5mm dia CARL STORZ type adopter  7.5 feet length

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