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Filtration Station

Product Name: Filtration Station
Product Code: MAE-LAB-0080

Filtration Station Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Filtration Station.
•    Slide valve DN 50 module, with double-acting COPAC linear valve actuator, piston diameter 100 mm, stroke 90 mm, actuated via a NAMUR valve
•    Butterfly valve DN 50 module, with single-acting COPAR quarter-turn actuator, actuated via a NAMUR valve, with large optical display
•    Three-way ball valve module with SYPAR quarter-turn actuator, nominal torque 15 Nm at 5.6 bar, actuated via a NAMUR valve, with large optical display
•    Tank with downwards discharge: Tank capacity 10 litres, material polycarbonate
•    Filter with integrated on-off valve and renewable 3-stage filter cartridge, max. flow rate 13 l/min, recovery constant 0.5 µm, max. input pressure 7.6 bar
•    24 V/26 W centrifugal pump, max. system pressure 2.5 bar
•    Terminal board with plug connection and signal converter
•    One-piece aluminium profile plate (700 x 700 mm) with 50 mm slot width, slots on both sides
•    Pressure sensor, operating pressure 0...10 bar, analogue output 0...10 V
•    Proportional valve with 3-way pressure regulator and 0...10 V setpoint specification
•    Capacitive sensors for level detection, Sn 2...8 mm
•    Service unit with filter and pressure regulator
•    Infrared receiver for a release message sent by a following station equipped with an infrared transmitter
•    Infrared transmitter for sending a release message to a previous station equipped with an infrared receiver
•    Mounting frame for power supply
•    Terminal block with eight outputs, eight inputs and connection for 24 V DC. Amalgamates all digital signals and forwards these for connection to a controller via an IEEE 488/24-pin compatible plug connection. The signal states are shown via LED displays for ease of troubleshooting
•    Terminal block for analogue signals. Amalgamates all analogue signals and forwards these for connection to a controller via a Sub-D 15-pin compatible plug connection
•    Manual and CD-ROM with sample programs for various plc systems

The station is to be assembled, wired, connected and tested.
The station can be operated individually or combined with further stations by simply pushing them together.

Technical data:
•    Operating pressure 600 kPa (6 bar)
•    Power supply 24 V DC
•    Digital inputs: 8
•    Digital outputs: 7
•    Analogue input: 1
•    Analogue output: 1

Complete with movable trolley with approximate below dimensions:
Appropriate through-holes in the side and rear panels enable orderly routing of cables. The front side is equipped with mountings for the control panel.
The trolley is supplied complete with castors.
Stable, powder-coated, sheet-steel
•    Height (incl. castors, to bottom edge of profile plate): 750 mm
•    Width: 700 mm
•    Depth: 700 mm

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