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Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Product Name: Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Product Code: Industrial-0002

Flexible Manufacturing Systems Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Flexible Manufacturing Systems Industrial Maintenance.

Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) is a system in which Method of producing goods is readily adaptable to the changes in the product being manufactured. A flexible manufacturing system (FMS) gives manufacturing firms an advantage in a quickly changing manufacturing environment.

Hytech Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) is a prototype of FMS which are currently being used in the industry. It consists of following equipment:

  • CNC Lathe with Servo Motors
  • CNC Mill with Servo Motors
  • Gantry for Loading and Unloading from CNC Lathe Machine
  • Three Axes Robotic Arm for Loading and Unloading in CNC Mill Machine
  • Pallet Conveyor / Automated Guided Vehicle
  • Automatic Storage and Retrieval System

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