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Forced Convection Apparatus

Product Name: Forced Convection Apparatus
Product Code: Forced Vortex0002

Forced Convection Apparatus Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Forced Convection Apparatus.

Constant heat flux is added to pipe by an electrical heater, provided with input control. Test pipe is connected to the delivery side of the blower along with the Orifice to measure flow of air through the pipe. Thus the students can calculate local and overall heat transfer coefficients in forced convection, at various airflow rates and various heat flux values. Specifications: Test pipe- 32mm N B G.I. pipe, heated by band heater, out side Centrifugal blower to force air through test pipe with flow Control switch Variac 2A, capacity to control heater input An orifice meter with water manometer Voltmeter and ammeter to measure heater input Multichannel digital temperature indicator to measure various Temperatures A technical manual accompanies the unit Services Required: L Bench area of about 1. X 0.75m. At working height Ø 230V, 15A, AC, supply with earthing connection

We are engaged in offering a wide array of Forced Convection Apparatus. The unit consists of a circular pipe, losing heat by forced convection to air, being forced through it.

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