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Product Code: ELECTROMETER0044

FORCED OSCILLATOR AND RESONANCE Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

FORCED OSCILLATOR AND RESONANCE A mechanical system including a mass and a spring can oscillate following its natural simple harmonic motion, or it can be forced to oscillate. At a certain distance from the equilibrium position, an ideal spring (that is a spring complying with Hooke’s law perfectly) to which a mass has been applied, returns the mass towards the point of equilibrium with a force and oscillates with natural frequency. If a force varying with sinusoidal trend is applied to this mass, this force will provoke a forced oscillation. In the beginning, the body keeps its own oscillation frequency, but then it is obliged to follow the frequency obliged by the external force. If this frequency approximates the natural frequency of free oscillation of the body, amplitude will tend ad infinium (resonance condition). The equipment consists of a mass fixed onto a spring connected with a string passing over a pulley and then with a driving wheel. The frequency of the driving wheel is displayed (in Hertz) on the panel. The mass fixed onto the spring can be forced to oscillate freely, or it can be damped in a tube full of water. This system can operate at various frequencies and amplitude can be measured on a proper scale. Using the Datalogger and a motion sensor (supplied as options) will enable to display the system oscillations on the software. TRAINING PROGRAM • demonstrating/studying resonance in forced oscillations • determining the elastic constant of a spring

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