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Free Chlorine Analyzer

Product Name: Free Chlorine Analyzer
Product Code: NSSE0019

Free Chlorine Analyzer Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Free Chlorine Analyzer.
Free Chlorine Analyzer Free & Total Chlorine /PH/Temperature Analyzer, Range: Free & Total Chlorine Range:Free & Total CL2 0.00 TO 5.00 MG/L (PPM) PH 0.00 TO 14.00 PH Temperature 5.0 TO 75.0 °C (41 TO 167 °F) Resolution:Free & Total CL2 0.01 MG/L (PPM) PH 0.01 PH Temperature 0.1 °C Accuracy:Free & Total CL2 ±8% OR ±0.05 MG/L whichever is greater PH ±0.05 PH Temperature ±0.5°C Min. Detectable Level Free & Total CL2 0.05 MG/L (PPM) Input Impedance 1012 OHM Calibration:Free & Total CL2 One Point PH one or two point ore in line calibration Sampling rate free & total CL2 adjustable from 3 to 90 minutes PH adjustable from 3 to 120 seconds Dosage Free & Total CL2 Proportional PH On/Off or Proportional, Relay OR 4-20MA Output Delta Free & Total CL2 selectable From 0.1 TO 5 MG/L (PPM) PH selectable from 0.1 TO 2 PH (Hysteresis Adjustable From 0.05 TO 2 PH) Recorder Output 4-20MA, 0-20MA PC Connectivity RS485 PORT, Galvanically Isolated Baud Rate 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 BPS Data Logging Up To 3500 Data Points Alarm Relay SPDT Contact with 5A, 230V resistive load Dosing Relay SPDT Contact with 5A, 230V resistive load System Error SPDT Contact with 5A, 230V resistive load Inlet Pressure 0.07 to 4 bar with no external pressure regulator (for pressure exceeding four bar an external pressure regulator is required) Sample Flow 100 to 300 ML/MIN Sample Temperature 5 to 40°C (41 TO 104°F) Sample Inlet/Outlet Connection 12MM (1/2") Male NPT Fitting Drain Connection 10MM (3/8") BARB Power Supply 115 VAC ±10% OR 230 VAC ±10%; 50/60 HZ; 20 VA Enclosure NEMA-4X Standard, Molded Fiberglass Polyester with Transparent Lexan Window Dimensions/Weight 318 X 267 X 159 MM (12.5 X 10.5 X 6.25’’) / 5 KG (11 LB.) without reagents Each PCA 300 series model is supplied with reagent bottles (2), REAGENT CAPS (2), 1 DPD compound powder, tubing and instructions. (Probes are sold separately) PCA 320-2 Free & Total Chlorine Analyzer/Control, PH Control, Temperature (230V) w

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