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Gear Pump Test Rig

Product Name: Gear Pump Test Rig
Product Code: NLE-Export-183005

Gear Pump Test Rig Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Gear Pump Test Rig.
Gear Pump Test Rig The gear pump test rig is desinged for performance analysis of a hydraulic gear pump at different delivery pressures. The test rig consists of a gear pump driven by electric motor. The pump draws oil from a oil reservior & the delivery pressure is controlled by a valve. Measuring instruments are provided to measure Suction & delivery pressure, oil flow rate & power consumption of the motor. Experimental Capabilities: Study Gear pump performance at different delivery heads Determination of gear pump efficiency & its performance characteristics Specifications: Gear Pump: Input Power - 1 hp, Flow – 7 to 9 LPM (Max.) Electric Motor: 1 hp, 230 V AC Sump Tank: 20 Ltrs Oil Flow Measurement Pressure Relief Valve Digital Wattmeter Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge Vacuum Gauge Hydraulic Seamless Piping with Oil Filter Base Frame: Made in M.S. Square Tubes, Powdercoated 

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