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Geotechnical Gauge

Product Name: Geotechnical Gauge
Product Code: NMT0332

Geotechnical Gauge Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Geotechnical Gauge.


·  To classify soils to BS 1377:2, ENV 1997-2, ASTM D4318, AASHTO T89


·  Geotechnical Gauge; water-resistant 127x203mm (5x8in) plastic card on a lanyard with a wealth of information for classification of soils. Six color chips, four patches of sized grains, and four tables for classifying:

·  Soils by particle size using the Unified Soils Classification System.

·  Coarse and fine grained soils into fifteen descriptive categories from gravels and sands to silts and clays.

·  Sand by type from very loose to very dense.

·  Clays from very soft to hard.

Edges of the card with separate 0-6in and 0-110mm scales.

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