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GPS Receiver

Product Name: GPS Receiver
Product Code: NMT0179

GPS Receiver Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

GPS Receiver Use: to obtain altitude and X-Y positions .
• BS EN 61108-1:2003.
• Channels   14 (12 L1 Code and Carrier, 2 SBAS)
• Integrated Real time SBAS1 ( dual-channel tracking)
• Update Rate   1 Hz
• Time to first Fix 30 seconds (typical)
• Protocols   TSIP, NMEA -0183 v3.0 (GGA, VTG, GLL, GSA,    ZDA,GSV, RMC)
• Real time corrections RTCM 2.x, RTCM 3.0,CMR,CMR+
• Antenna  Everest Multipath Rejection Technology
• Beacon Correction Real Time correction from Beacon Receiver
• Casing  GPS, Antenna and Controller in Single Casing

• Post processed  Submeter
• Real-time (SBAS1 or external correction source): Submeter
• Operating System Microsoft Windows Mobile V 6.0 for Pocket PC
• Processor  Marvell 520 MHz XScale processor
• Data Storage  1 GB non-volatile flash data storage
• Display  VGA display (480 x 640), Sunlight-readable    color touchscreen
• Bluetooth  Bluetooth 1.2 Wireless
• LAN   802.11 b/g wireless LAN
• Battery Life  All-day internally rechargeable Li-ion battery
• Power
 Low (no GPS or backlight)  1.8 Watts
 Normal (with GPS and backlight3)  2.6 Watts
 High (with GPS, backlight3, Bluetooth, w/l LAN)4 3.7Watts
• Battery Internal 7500 mAh lithium-ion, 27.8 Watt-hours,    rechargeable in unit.
• Temperature
 Operating  -20 Deg to +60 Deg
 Storage  -30 Deg to +70 Deg

• Communications  USB 1.1 client via support module Serial via    optional 9- pin RS-232 power/serial clip adaptor
• Display  8.9 cm VGA (480 x 640 pixel) TFT, 16 bit    (65,536) colors LED backlight
• Audio   Microphone and speaker, record and playback    utilities
• Interface Touch screen, 10 hardware control keys, power status   LED, Audio System events, warnings and notifications   Soft input panel(SIP) virtual keyboard and handwriting   recognition software

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