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Grossing Table

Product Name: Grossing Table
Product Code: NLE-Export-188001

Grossing Table Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Grossing Table, These surgical pathology work stations are useful for examining surgical specimens. The contaminated air & formalin vapors from work table is sucked out by built-in blowers. Provided with lighting system, swivelled-magnifier, SS table, Sink & Tap, metric ruler, shelf, drawers and storage compartment under table, Towel/Tissue paper stand and waste bin. The working area sides are made from acrylic material. Widely used, as it is very convenient for “Grossing Work in Histopathology”. Working Area :– L × W × H                          4' × 3' × 3'                         6' × 3' × 3'                         5' × 2.5' × 3'  Optional Accessories  • Built in U.V. Germicidal Light  • Exhaust duct upto 6'..

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