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Hydraulic Gate Opener

Product Name: Hydraulic Gate Opener
Product Code: NLE-Export-031032

Hydraulic Gate Opener Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Hydraulic Gate Opener.

Hydraulic Gate Opener The equipment covers the following areas of study : Energetic Fluid mechanics Functional analysis of an industrial product Technical communication tools Mechanical links Relationship between product – manufacturing process – material Measurement of physical values and calculation of performance These calculations are entered into a spreadsheet file (model supplied) to allow interpretation of the test data and results. Using the measurements and experimental data, calculations will among other give : The theoretical capacity of the pump (using CAD software) The determination of the following parameters, based on the measurements obtained with the equipment: Translation speed of jack rod (time, distance) Theoretical flow rate of the pump (capacity, rotation speed) Oil flow rate (piston diameter, rod diameter, rod speed) Released mechanical power (mass lifted, rod speed) Resultant pressure forces on the piston (piston diameter, rod diameter, pressure) Jack efficiency and global efficiency ( if functioning in load) Flow measurement comparison: pump – jack and jack – pump. Analysis of the functions provided by the different valves and safety pressure valve used in the hydraulic circuit Highlighting of the change in efficiency and friction as a function of the applied load and temperature increase Analysis of the design methods associated to prevent leaks and to facilitate assembly. Technical Specifications The electro-hydraulic gate opener is mounted on a plastic PVC base together with the related instrumentation. It includes : An electrical motor An oil gear pump A lift device for the mass ( the masses can be hanged in a driven position or a braking position) A complete instrumentation allowing the measurement of: Motor speed using an induction sensor and signal conditioner / indicator display Power consumed using an optional Clamp-type ammeter Oil pressure in the two supply circuits of the cylinder using 2 pressure gauges Time taken for the shaft to reach a predetermined position using an optional stopwatch Certain essential specifications for the equipment are provided, including : Pump dimensions, measured on a tri-axis measurement machine and profile projector, supplied on CAD files Performance specifications of the hydraulic jack Intensity of the lifted mass (system can also be used empty) Equipment Package Standard equipment: Table top test bench (the table is not supplied) The masses are not included as standard Using Your Equipment Essential requirements : Voltage : 220V, 50 Hz, other voltages available on demand Clamp-type ammeter, Stopwatch, Set of masses : 4 x 1 5 kg 100 MHz PC with Windows*, Excel*, AutoCAD** and Solid Works* Windows, Excel are a registered trademark of Microsoft. AutoCAD is a registered trademark of Autodesk Inc. Solid Works is a registered trademark of Solid Works Corporation. Dimensions and weight 1200 x 300 x 200 mm Weight : 20 kg

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