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Impact of jet apparatus

Product Name: Impact of jet apparatus
Product Code: NLE-Export-202004

Impact of jet apparatus Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Impact of jet apparatus.
Impact of jet apparatus This equipment allows the measurement of force developed by a jet of water impinging upon a stationary object. The apparatus consist of a cylindrical acrylic vessel. Water is fed through a nozzle and discharged vertically to strike a target carried on a stem which extends through the cover. Force of the jet is measured by the simple calculating moments about fixed fulcrum. Theoretically obtained forces are compared with practically obtained forces through moments. Specifications:     Set of Nozzle: 4 mm & 8 mm (Brass).     Set of Vanes: Hemispherical and Flat Plate (Optional Inclined)     Jet Collection Tank : 250 mm Diameter MOC: Perspex     Sump tank capacity : 75 litres MOC: SS-304 with Matt Buffing     Measuring tank : 35 litres MOC: SS-304 with Matt Buffing     Pump : Monoblock type, 0-60 litre/min, Motor 0.5 HP     Piping with necessary Valves and Fittings     Digital Stop Watch with 1/10 second Accuracy     Detailed Technical Manual and On-site Training

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