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Impact Testing Machine

Product Name: Impact Testing Machine
Product Code: NMT0258

Impact Testing Machine Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Impact Testing Machine Use: tests Aggregate  impact value and Resistance of aggregate to shock or impact.


·  BS 812-112


·  Made of plated steel against corrosion, safety locking bar, and built in counter

·  Cylindrical Measure Machine steel, 75 mm diameter., 50 mm deep

·  2 Tamping Rod Galvanized steel, 3/ 8" (9.3mm) diameter, 8" (203mm) length

·  Dimensions: 444x300x879 mm (lxwxh)

·  Weight approx.  58 kg


·  Sieve 1/ 2", Sieve 3/ 8", Sieve No. 8 and Pan & Cover to AASHTO M 92 standards

·  Triple Beam Balance of 2610g capacity and sensitivity of 0.1g made of stainless steel

·  Mixing Bowl made of stainless steel and of 255mm diameter

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