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Product Code: NEU015

INDUCTIVE LOAD Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

INDUCTIVE LOAD It must consist of a single or three-phase inductive step-variable load. Housed in a metallic box. MECHANICAL FEATURES The load shall be composed of a rugged metal structure and of a front panel. On the front panel all the controls, the protections, the output terminals and a clear synoptic diagram, shall be collected. ELECTRICAL FEATURES The load shall be composed of inductances, with possibility of star, delta and parallel connection, controlled by threeswitches. This item must be provided also with fuses protection. As a function of the switch position there shall be the following phase values. Position    Inductance   Max. Power per phase 1              4.46 H           34 VAr 2              3.19 H            48 VAr 3              1.84 H            83 VAr 4              1.27 H            121 VAr 5              0.90 H            171 VAr 6              0.64 H        242 VAr 7              0.52 H        297 VAr Max reactive power 890 VAr in three-phase or single-phase connection. Rated voltage in star connection must be 380V, in D connection must be 220V, in single-phase must be 220V. 4 mm. safety terminal included on the front panel for the electrical connection.

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