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Industrial Electronics Trainer

Product Name: Industrial Electronics Trainer
Product Code: NTE-11-12-0087

Industrial Electronics Trainer Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Industrial Electronics Trainer.
•  Covers different power electronics devices i.e Thyristors
•  On-board passive and active components
•  External AC / DC Power supply
•  On board variable DC SUPPLY
•  AC supply, rangingfrom0~30VAC/50Hz, DCsupplyof+15V
•  Characteristics study of different types of power electronics Devices i.e. thyristors ( SCR, TRIAC, DIAC ), UJT, MOSFET, etc.
•  Application study of different types of power electronics Devices i.e. thyristors (SCR, TRIAC, DIAC ) and MOSFET
•  Different gate-pulsing circuits (turn-on methods)
•  Different commutation circuits (turn-off methods)
•  Different IC's for gate triggering circuits
•  Provision of free wheeling diodes
•  Resistor bank
•  Capacitor bank
•  Inductor bank
•  Potentiometer bank
•  Interconnection points
•  Interconnection cords

Using SCR
•  Study of single-phase half wave control
•  Study of full wave controlled rectifier
•  Study of single-phase DC to AC inverter
•  AC power flasher using SCR
•  Lamp Dimmer Circuit using DIAC-TRIAC
•  DC to DC converter (dual)
•  Low voltage lamp flasher using PUT and SCR
•  LED flasher using SCR and UJT
•  Study SCR triggering using Ic555
•  SCR time delay relay

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