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Jetta 1.6 Cooling System Teaching Board

Product Name: Jetta 1.6 Cooling System Teaching Board
Product Code: AETS-0068

Jetta 1.6 Cooling System Teaching Board Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Jetta 1.6 Cooling System Teaching Board Automotive Training Equipment Manufacturer, Automotive Education Equipment, Automotive Training Tools.
The automotive teaching board adopts Jetta 1.6 colling physical
system, simulate engine run, teaching board water pump, water tank cold
and hot water cycle working etc, demonstrate the working process of
engine cooling system, satisfy the requirement of teaching training
project on the automotive cooling system working principle and practical


■ Basic Configuration

● Motors, water tanks, water pump, thermostat, plus kettle, plumbing
pipes and Showcase frame etc.


■ Features

● The automotive teaching board can demonstrate structure of the engine
cooling system, simulate engine running, demonstrate the operation of
the engine cooling system

● It can demonstrate the working principle of thermal cycling,
thermostat work etc.


■ Training Content

● Cooling system sctructure and composition training

● Cooling system troubleshooting and confirm training

● Cooling system fault setting and exclusion training

● Starting system practical operation and theoretical exam training


■ Technique Features

● Input power: AC 220V±10%50Hz 380V±10% 50Hz

● Phase asynchronous motor:

● Model: Y100L-2

● Voltage: 220V/380V AC

● Power: 2.2KW

● Working environment temperature: -40℃~+50℃

● Product specification: 1461 * 820 * 1800mm(L×W×H)

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