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Product Code: ELECTROMETER0105

KIT FOR ELECTROSTATICS Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

KIT FOR ELECTROSTATICS A very simple test demonstrates that if a plastic rod is rubbed with a cloth, it will be able to attract small pieces of paper. This can be explained because the plastic rod has been charged with negative electricity, that is it has acquired a negative charge when it was rubbed with cloth. When the rod approaches the paper, the paper is charged with positive electricity and is attracted by the plastic rod. Electric charges of the same sign repel one another, whereas electric charges of opposite sign attract one another. Gold-leaf electroscope is an instrument that detects the presence of electric charges. The longer the distance of gold leaves is, the higher the electric charge will be. This kit includes a lot of components that enable to carry out various tests in the field of electrostatics. In detail 13 experiments can be carried out. TRAINING PROGRAM • Electrification • Electrostatic induction • Gold-leaf electroscope • Detecting electricity • Determining the sign of an electric charge • Wimshurst machine • Power of points • Electric windmill • Dancing balls • Electric feather-duster • Electrostatic motor • Electrostatic precipitation of smoke particulates • Smoke’s damages COMPONENTS 1 circular base; 1 Clip with string; 1 insulated support with hook; 1 candle with candlestick; 1 rod of Plexiglas; 2 rods of PVC; 2 leads of 60 cm; 1 gold-leaf electroscope; 2 crocodile clips; 1 Wimshurst machine; 1 universal support; 1 point support; 1 point conductor; 1 electric windmill; 1 apparatus for dancing balls; 2 balls with string; 1 electric feather-duster; 1 guidebook to tests; 1 case; 1 smoke precipitator; 1 electrostatic motor

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