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Laboratory Oven

Product Name: Laboratory Oven
Product Code: MIT-0014

Laboratory Oven Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Laboratory Oven Manufacturers, Suppliers and Lab Equipments Exporters from India.
Oven are designed, calibrated & tested to suitable various applications in growing fields.

Construction :
Double walled constructed with inside Aluminium / Stainless Steel chamber having 60-75 mm glass wool insulation. Door is Fitted with heavy chrome plated hinges. Provided with adjustable Steel / Aluminium / Wire mesh trays. Temperature is recorded by means of L shaped thermometer fitted at the front of the cabinet. Temperature controlled by hydraulic capillary thermostats.

Heating :
Heating elements are made up of high grade (KanthaI) resistance wire heaters are fitted/wound along all the sides of the oven. Complete with two pilot lamps, plug pins.

(i) Air circulation can be fitted in all the sizes mentioned above for proper air circulation at an extra cost.
(ii) Digital temperature indicator cum controlled can be fitted for better accuracy results.
(iii) Alarm system can be fitted at an extra cost.
(iv) For higher temperature i.e. 200° C always buy stainless steel chambers.
(v) High temperature ovens/driers can be manufactured up to 350° C

Available In Single Phase 230 V A.C., Three Phase 440 V A.C. Model With Available Industrial Heaters & Industrial Driers.
3'x2'x2' , 3'x3'x3'
4'x2'x2' , 4'x3'x3'
5'x2'x2' , 5'x3'x3'
5'x4'x4' , 5'x4'x3'

Lab Supplies & Consumables, Teaching Lab Instruments, Scientific Lab Instruments and Vocational Educational Equipments like Laboratory Oven. . .