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Laryngoscope Seventy Degree

Product Name: Laryngoscope Seventy Degree
Product Code: NLE-Export-024008

Laryngoscope Seventy Degree Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Laryngoscope / Endoscope 70° Laryngoscope 0.8mm, 186mm Laryngoscope Seventy Degree is an instrument used for viewing the vocal folds and glottis. The light is passed from the Laryngoscope with Seventy Degree. This helps in viewing the vocal cord clearly and to the targeted area.   .


Endoscope adopt high quality stainless steel materials.   Endoscope comes with German optical glass, optical fiber and cone with direction index, sapphire cover lens, never gets abrasion.    The auto clavable Endoscope can also be chosen.

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