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LCR Meter

Product Name: LCR Meter
Product Code: NEE1193

LCR Meter Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

LCR Meter Should have the following features: Hand held and low consumption LCR Meter, ELECTRIC ELECTONICS LAB.

·         4 bins comparator.

·         0.1% Max. Accuracy, resolution 0.0001

·         Primary and secondary parameter dual display

·         Auto Power off function.



·         Resistance:

-      Range: 0.0001Ω ~ 10MΩ

·         Inductance

-      Range: 1µH ~ 1000H,  Test Frequency: 100/120Hz

-      Range: 0.1µH ~ 100H,   Test Frequency: 1kHz

·         Capacitance

-      Range: 1p ~ 20mF, Test Frequency: 100/120Hz

Range: 0.1p ~ 100µF, Test Frequency: 1kHz

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