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Length Gauge

Product Name: Length Gauge
Product Code: NMT0401

Length Gauge Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Length Gauge Use: Used to classify aggregates as elongated when their length is more than 1.8 of their nominal size, the test is not applicable to material retained on a 63.0 mm BS test sieve.

Test app to materials retained in 63mm BS sieve


·  EN 933-1


·  Dimensions specified in BS 812.

·  The thickness gauge is of enameled sheet metal with clearly marked sieve fraction ranges for each slot

·  The Length Gauge has brass pins set in a brass bar with stamped sieve fraction ranges between pins.

·  Weight approximately 1.1 kg

Thichness gauge sheet metal

with seved maked fraction weigh 1.1.14


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