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Leveling Staff

Product Name: Leveling Staff
Product Code: NMT0187

Leveling Staff Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Leveling Staff Use: Accessories to level.


·   BS 4484;IS-11961-1986

·   Compatible with level, theodolite and total station


·   The levelling staff shall be of sturdy design that meets the requirements for intensive field work.

·   The staff material should be one of the following: teak, cypress, kail, aimi, champ, hollock or aluminium alloy (A6 of IS-617-1975).

·   If timber is used as staff material, then it shall be well seasoned, sawn in radial direction and free of defects.

·   The staff shall be telescopic, comprising three sections without any joint in length.

·   The shoe shall be of brass conforming to grade IS-292-1983.

·   The top plate shall be of aluminium, anodised black and of grade A6 of IS-627-1975.

·   Length                      4 m

·   Graduations              200 divisions per meter

·   Graduation colour    alternating black and white (10 mm width)

·   Numerals                  every decimetre in black

                                 every meter in red

Accessories (conforming to same standard as above)

·   circular bubble sensitivity of 25 minutes per 2 mm run

·   carrying case canvas

plummet fittings for test and adjustment of bubble

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