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Lexus ABS system integrated training workbench

Product Name: Lexus ABS system integrated training workbench
Product Code: AETS-0131

Lexus ABS system integrated training workbench Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Lexus ABS system integrated training workbench Automotive Training Equipment Manufacturer, Automotive Education Equipment, Automotive Training Tools.
The training platform based on ABS brake system of Toyota Lexus, with
complete accessories, all parts are original parts, production quality
management according to requirement of ISO9001: 2008 standards. It shows
the auto ABS brake system working principle, realizes the operation of
the ABS brake system adjustment & maintenance training, meets the
teaching requirement.


n  Basic Configuration

l  vacuum booster, ABS control unit, wheel speed sensor, pressure
gauge(6pcs), training panel, diagnosis socket, brake master cylinder,
brake wheel cylinder, brake disc, brake pedal, three-phase asynchronous
motor, frequency converter, leakage protector, movable bench with
universal wheel, ignition switch, ignition key, general power switch,
relay and fuse box, DC12V power supply, manual and experiment guide book.


n  Function Features

l  it is based on the real auto ABS brake system, can work properly,
fully shows the ABS system’s structure and working principle;

l  it simulates when emergency braking, the ABS working principle and
porcess are shown by LED on the training bench showing the oil pressure
change, rotating the brake disc slightly, feel the food pedal upsprings.

l  Training bench are equipped with a complete ABS brake system color
schematics and detection terminals. The element signal parameter, such
as voltage, resistance, frequency, etc. can be detected by special

l  using multiple disk clutch connects the brake disc and motor output
shaft to realize every wheel brake differential.

l  LED digital meter can real time display the brake master cylinder and
brake wheel cylinder pressure change value.

l  Training bench equipped with diagnostic blocks can be connected to a
dedicated or universal car decoder for reading the entire vehicle
electrical fault codes, clear fault codes, read data stream, actuate
components test, parameter settings, waveform analysis, etc.
self-diagnostic function;

l  Fault setting and appraisal system(see the details of fault setting
and appraisal introduction):

l  the training bench assembled protection cover.

l  Mobile device with locking casters, move freely, to facilitate teaching.


n  Training Content

l  ABS system structure and working principle training;

l  ABS system working process
analysis(pressurizing-decompressing-pressure maintaining- pressurizing)

l  ABS system schematic diagram analysis training;

l  ABS system fault diagnosis and confirmation training;

l  ABS system fault setting and eliminate training;

l  ABS system operate actually and theory examination training


n  Technique Features

l  Mobile device with locking casters which easy to move and facilitate
to teach

l  The workbench with high-grade automotive paint, paint treated at high
temperatures, against moisture and rust, with beautiful and durable

l  Dimensions: 1000×1600×1800mm


n  Technique feature

l  ABS type: LS400

l  input power: AC 380V±10% 50Hz

l  working power supply: DC12V

l  working pressure: 1.42MPa

l  motor type:Y132S-2

l  voltage:AC 380V

l  power:2.2KW

l  currence:11.1A

l  rotary speed:2900r/min

l  working enveronment temparature: -40℃~+50℃

l  Dimensions: 1600×850×1800mm

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