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Mechatronics And Factory Automation Equipment

Product Name: Mechatronics And Factory Automation Equipment
Product Code: NLE-MechatronicsLab-187005

Mechatronics And Factory Automation Equipment Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Mechatronics And Factory Automation Equipment.

LabEquipmentsManufacturersIndia is a mechatronic lab equipments manufacturers, suppliers and exporters company in India. Our comprehensive range of mechatronics and factory automation instruments are used in several divisions ranging from educational institutions, government organizations, research centers etc.

We are specialized in exporting a superior quality range of mechatronic laboratory equipments to our valued clients as per their request at the very reasonable prices. These mechatronic laboratory instruments are designed and manufactured by our well-experienced professionals, using high-quality materials.


Features :

Closed loop, Compact, comprehensive, sturdy design. Complete instrumentation for experimentation of factory automation using PLCs. Standard Industrial grade components used in trainer.

Description :

is scaled model of a production facility with different processing stations. The processes are controlled by different PLC Stations which communicate with Graphic HMI Panels. The trainer can be used to learn different operations like handling the workpieces, feeding the workpieces, pickup & pressing operation on workpieces. Each station is controlled by a dedicated PLC & HMI panel. All PLCs communicate with each other to synchronize the operations.Self-explanatory operating & maintenance manual is supplied with the trainer that includes Theory, operating procedure and maintenance procedures

Specification :

Mechatronics Systems assembled with the following functional units:

• 1 Storing station with three magazine Units:o places workpieces in and takes workpieces out of storageo equipped with three storage levels and 2 servo motorso With three workpieces.o It should store the Workpieces at the end of the manufacturing process
• 1 Workpiece feeding Unit:o The workpiece feeding unit provides workpieces for the manufacturing process by a gravity feeder.o The unit shall consist of at least: Optical sensor light barrier, pressure sensor (vacuum), cylinder limit switches, micro switches, 5/2 -way valves double and single solenoid, double-acting pneumatic cylinder, swivel drive with vacuum gripper. Operator panel with illuminated buttons and I/O communication board
• Handling Unit with vacuum suction cup: o This module picks up a Workpiece insert from a slide and places it on the Workpiece housing. It has an optical diffuse sensor to detect a work-pieces.
• Pneumatic press: o Presses workpiece and inserts into the housings. This module includes a rotary/linear actuator (transfer device).
• For controlling and monitoring the system shall consist of: o 4 CPU 314C-2PN/DP PLC or Similar CPU unit o 4 HMI colour touch panel o All PLCs and HMI panels are linked via Profi Net o The PLCs offers additionally a Profi bus interface, which can be used alternatively. o All PLCs work independently;The following materials is supplied with the system:
• A workbook and a CD-ROM with worksheets and solutions. The learning topics must include practical project exercises and a detail theoretical documentation on how to use and program the Mechatronics and Factory Automation Trainer using the PLC and HMI included in the system. Files type included in the CD can be edited (i.e. Microsoft word). It must include the following project exercises about: o Storing unit o handling technology o Pneumatic press o Sorting unit
• Technical documentation of the trainer and installation, operational, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting manuals included

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