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MG Set Laboratory Tool

Product Name: MG Set Laboratory Tool
Product Code: MG Set Lab0001

MG Set Laboratory Tool Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

MG Set Lab Equipment Outer yoke made up of High permeability steel..

Larger size of bearings for longer life and trouble free operations.

Suitable copper conductor with best quality insulated material used to give continuous duty.

Skewed Rotor construction with dynamically balance ensuring low noise. Vacuum pressure impregnation for armature and field windings ensuring high in sulation strength. Revolving Armature-Fixed Pole type or Salient pole Type. Voltage regulation within limit as per ISS. Special guard also provided on the coupling to avoid any mishappening during operation.

Ratings Available both in 1phase/3phase at 0.8 P.F To measure negative sequence & zero sequence reactance of Synchronous machines. To determine the direct axis (Xd) and quadrature axis reactances (Xq) of an Alternator. To determine the sub transient direct axis (Xd) and quadrature axis reactance s (Xq) of Salient pole

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