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Product Code: ELECTROMETER0050

MICHELSON INTERFEROMETER Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

MICHELSON INTERFEROMETER Interferometer is a basic instrument used to measure wavelengths, index of refraction and temporal coherence of optical rays, in an accurate way. Michelson interferometer uses the interference phenomenon to measure the wavelength of light of a particular monochromatic source. The instrument described in this catalogue outputs interference fringes by splitting a ray into two beams. Each beam is forced to cover a different path, then they will rejoin so that they can interfere according to the difference in path length. This enables a precise measurement of the wavelength of monochromatic light. When a ray of coherent light enters the ray splitter, it is split into two beams, then these two beams travel in different directions and they are reflected to each other through two mirrors that create interference figures after they have been combined and superimposed. TRAINING PROGRAM • determining the wavelength of monochromatic light • understanding the phenomenon of interference of light as the difference of path varies COMPONENTS • Michelson interferometer • Laser • Projection screen (30x30 cm) • Screen base • Laser base Michelson interferometer It consists of a heavy metal base (290 x 212 x 168 mm) equipped with: • Mounts for optical elements, with fi ne regulation of inclination • Mechanic element/structure for the micrometric translation of optical elements • High refl ectivity round mirrors: 25 mm diameter • Non-polarizing cubic beam splitter - Dimensions: 20x20x20 mm - Refl ection/transmission: 50:50 • Adjustable convex plate lens f: 20 mm Laser: • Optic element: laser diode • Power: 1mW • Wave length: 635 nm • Beam dimension: 4x2 mm • Power supply unit 3VDC/50mA (included)

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